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Nathan Pierce

Nathan is a Montana Native born in, St. Ignatius Montana, on the, Flathead Native American Tribal reservation. Starting in politics at a young age Nathan has distinguished himself as a go to resource for local government, trade association, constitutional and ballot or citizens’ initiative issues, in both the legal and political arenas.

Political and Professional accomplishments include:

  • Real estate agent 2003-2006, Supervising Real Estate Broker 2006-Present

  • Owner of real estate company since 2006, owner of Construction Company 2005-2009 & 2015 to Present

  • 2004 - 2009 NW Montana and Montana Association of Realtors legislative key contact

  • Member of 2006 Polson Montana Government Review committee

  • President of the Polson, Montana Redevelopment agency 2006-2008

  • Board of Director member of the National Association of Home Builders, Montana Building and industry Association, Flathead Builders association and Lake County Association of Home Builders

  • Government Affairs Director Lake County Builders Association and government affairs committee member Montana Building Industry Association 2006-2008

  • President Lake County Builders Association 2007

  • Founder of the Montana Cannabis Industry Association 2011, hired Goetz law firm and started lawsuit against state of Montana to keep medical marijuana available to patients.

  • Founder of Montana Coalition for Rights (2013)

  • Author for IR-124 (2012), CI-109 (2011), CI-112(2013) and several other ballot initiatives 

  • Vice-Chair Of the Montana Libertarian Party (2017) 

  • Plaintiff and activist in constitutional and ballot initiative lawsuits 


Doug Chyatte

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Doug is the Guardian Group’s lead on tackling issues centering on sensible social policy and Mass Incarceration.  He has spent most of his life advocating for the marginalized and working to give a voice to those who feel voiceless. Whether that’s through community organizing, direct action campaigns, lobbying efforts, or litigation, the pursuit of justice remains his guiding Polaris.  

Experience includes:

  • 2000-2003 Executive Director of the Arcata, California Houseless Coalition

  • 2004-2008 Fundraiser and Field Manager for Citizens for Responsible Crime Policy

  • Architect of the I-8 “low priority enforcement” initiative campaign in Missoula

  • 2009-2012 Founder and Executive Director of Montanans for Responsible Legislation

  • 2011 Montana representative and keynote speaker at the NORML Legal Advisory Committee meeting

  • 2012 Field Manager of IR-124 campaign

  • 2013 Founding member of Montana Coalition for Rights

  • 2017 Keynote Speaker at the 17th ICOPA conference, Dartmouth University

Areas of interest: prisoners’ rights; ending Mass Incarceration; First Amendment issues; ADA compliance; safe access to safe medicines.

Follow Doug on Twitter at @ChyatteJoseph

Stephanie Lair

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Born and raised in Boulder, CO, Stephanie made the move to southwestern Montana in 2013. Her first experience in advocacy was working as an in-home caregiver for a local non-profit organization. She then contributed to pro-bono work in the Mark Wandering Medicine v. State of Montana voting rights case – forcing the installation of satellite voting centers on reservations in 5-states, followed by press releases for The California Civil Rights Justice Group for work on a 1stAmendment case regarding racist emails sent from former Federal Judge Richard Cebull.

Stephanie formed her own consumer advocacy group, Pirl, with the goal of helping consumers and holding big corporations accountable. She is excited to be working hand in hand with The Guardian Group to advance consumer rights and protections, both locally and nationally.

She is the resident nerd with Pi tattooed on her arm and passionate to a fault – especially in medical device/product liability cases. Nothing fires her up more than learning of a product harming people, and the manufacturer not taking responsibility.

She is a “dog with a bone” when it comes to consumer advocacy, civil rights and civil justice – it is a daily occurrence for her husband Mike to (try to) pull her away from her desk and hide her phone.

When Stephanie is away from her desk, she is either on a snowboard or golf course, cooking and grilling, beating Mike at cribbage, or walking the family/company dog, Niner. She is a foodie, beer/wine/spirit enthusiast, live music seeker, and most importantly – an advocate.