Native American Voting Rights Case

  • Mark Wandering Medicine v. MT Sec. of St. Linda McCullochcv-12-135-BLG-RFC

  • Alleging claims under Section 2 of the US Constitution Voting Rights Act and the Equal Protection Clauses of the United States and Montana Constitutions – the Guardian Group worked in the trenches as pro bono paralegals to sue Montana’s Secretary of State and County officials to force the installation of satellite voting stations on reservation. The landmark case(s) settled in favor of our clients in Montana, Wyoming, Nevada, South Dakota and Minnesota. 

1st Amendment case – Against a former Federal Judge

  • Four Directions, et al v. Committee on Judicial Conduct and Disability of the Judicial Conference of the United Statesc-14-3022 United States District Court, Northern District of Calfornia

  • Working with Minority Rights groups and the National Media conglomerate USA Today– the Guardian Group helped to litigate an attempt to uncover and preserve the racist and bigoted emails of the former Judge. This case and the press surrounding the Judge forced his early retirement as well. Ultimately the emails were never released

Bozeman City Non-Discrimination Ordinance

  • Several ad hoc rounds of contribution to the ordinance and meeting support. Ultimately passed.

Securities Case

  • Ronald Leibsohn, et al. v. Hipcricket Technologies, Inc., et al.King County Superior Court, Clause No. 13-2-40007-3. We consulted and coordinated litigation on behalf of investors/plaintiffs against Augme/Hipcricket Technologies to recover substantial sums for more than 30 plaintiffs.

MT Medical Marijuana

  • Our colleagues and group members have their teeth firmly entrenched in this program going back to the first organized group filed by member Nathan Pierce and Chyatte. Over the course of a decade and a half, we all consulted and worked with a number of Medical Marijuana organizations. We participated (together and separately) to petition/litigate against the state Montana for declaratory relief and petition for preliminary injunctive relief to ensure the fair and reasonable access to medical marijuana for Montana patients enrolled in Montana’s Medical Marijuana Program. This effort also helped providers to maintain viable businesses. MMJ is now a safe endeavor in Montana and helping countless tens of thousands of patients.

National Class Actions

  • At any one time, we have as many as five or six on file and see a great deal of success.

Ranch Familes

  • Montana Cattlemen’s efforts to fight exploitation of from the International meat packers and their related processors/packers. Pushing for Country of Origin Labeling (COOL). The ongoing evaluation of Anti-Trust activities of the big 3 as well.