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What is the best way for me to approach The Guardian Group?

Before you submit an inquiry via our Registration Request please look in and acknowledge our Privacy & Terms sections — don’t ignore them (we can tell if you did!). We acknowledge all inquiries.

What markets and technologies do you work with?

We are experienced in a number of different markets and technologies, including Market Intelligence (or Due Diligence), Plaintiff Consumer/Investor Litigations, software, consumer Internet, SaaS, investor Internet, Health Services, advertising, mobile, and data. Our mandate is to invest in, or obtain products and services in all the above areas, which means that we consider a wide variety of good ideas.

What do you do for those who need help?


We evaluate your claim and case and determine quickly what can be done. We then link with a like-minded law firm willing to take your case with a firm grasp of the facts and the target.

Buying a car or truck? Read our recent reports on false and deceptive advertising regarding falsification of MPG estimates, which have been overstated by as much as 17%.
Need background work on a political cause or candidate? We recently worked opposition research on fraud and white-collar crime claims against a U.S. Senate candidate in a western state, which lowered the margin a full ten points, in the last 30 days of the race.


We are a highly trained educated group dedicated to advocacy and due diligence in getting you justice. We tackle everything from the food you eat, to your investments interests. We seek out dastardly acts by corporations and/or individuals who roll over the little guy by evading regulatory oversight and/or hiding the facts in a court of law.

For Small Business Founders and/or Investors, we help accelerate their growth, supporting their efforts in the following areas:

  • Identifying opportunities to generate profitable revenues

  • Introducing them to potential customers and acquirers

  • Determining what not to do, in addition to prioritizing the most important opportunities

  • We advocate for your position, assisting you with legal challenges

  • Finding like-minded partners who can help them achieve their goals faster

  • Linking them to the best, most readily available financing

Investor Litigation

Securities Class Action Law Firm: In a “millions of dollars damages case”…[The Guardian Team] Has spent considerable time gathering evidence, locating & interviewing witnesses, conducting factual and legal research…[The Guardian Team was/is] invaluable to the prosecution of this case. I highly recommend them..


Based on your world class research and review of the complex documents.. a solution was had and I received my entire lost investment back….


Our Investment Bank and syndicate of investors, had one of our investments in a publicly traded instrument, derail under seemingly odd circumstances. We had a review performed by several top notch law firms to no avail. We then contacted this group and Mike lead the review to see what we could uncover – if anything.


Working over the Holidays in the winter…, [The Guardian Group Team] uncovered several claims and theories for us. Over the next 12 months, he further uncovered and articulated the elements needed to allege fraud and misrepresentation in a research report….. [They] had the contacts with expertise in securities plaintiffs law, and had the ability to interact with all the many plaintiffs from across the globe.


In the end, we had a fully contingent representation, we litigated with [The Team] working on the matter from day one, until settlement. We recovered a nice chunk of our investment - over seven figures. We are, as are our syndication clients in five countries – very happy with [The Guardian Group Team].


[From the] lead attorney in a civil rights action [on behalf of] Native Americans, African Americans, Latinos, Women and other protected groups of people.…[The Guardian Group Team] has been an extraordinary resource to me since we started this project together…provided me with background information on the problem and introduced me to key players including my current clients….found expert resources for me to rely on as we try to make new law ….has helped draft pleadings and fact statements that have made my job easier and ensured that our work product is of the highest quality. Finally, he has kept me informed of our deadlines and made sure that we file our documents on time. [The Guardian Group Team] is an invaluable legal resource and champion for justice.


Your countless hours of volunteer work on [Section 2 Civil Rights matter] was very helpful to the cause of Native Americans…You are tenacious in your work on behalf of Civil Rights matters.


In re Ford Motor Company: False and deceptive miles per gallon (mpg) advertising – on this concept, which resulted in the first filing of a national class-action, this team was involved in fact gathering and background document gathering for the class-action filed by a client.

Paramount Studios Producer: This Emmy Award-winning Director wanted a full research package on the acts of a notorious Ponzi operator. We rallied to it, and provided detailed events for his use in the film. We were renewed to stay on the project into next the next three quarters of 2012-2014.

Do you have a preference for where companies are located?

We have the ability to pursue businesses across the globe, although we spend most of our time in New York and the west coast.